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Buy Me: Matthew Porter Art

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with bananas…  To the point that my whole family started calling me monkey.  Then I got a sock monkey toy and that was it-  I have been monkey-obsessed ever since.  I love anything and everything with monkeys on it, so when I found this artist on Flickr, I was over the moon with joy.

Matthew Porter began as an art gallery owner with his wife, Andrea.  In 2010, they sold the gallery and today, he is a full time artist, illustrator and author based in Seattle.   He has published 5 childrens’ books and currently has a line of clothing in partnership with 10 Again Clothing Company available at Nordstrom.

His artwork is fun, colorful and visually interesting to people of all ages.  For more on his artwork and books, check out his website: and click here to see all the fun things available in his Etsy Shop!

(Punk Monkey is my FAV!)

Live Creatively!


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Worldly Wednesdays: TerraCycle

The U.S. is the #1 trash-producing country in the world at 1,609 pounds per person per year. This means that 5% of the world’s people generate 40% of the world’s waste.  But have no fear, we’re making waves with a buddening industry of Eco-Capitalists to help find new ways of recycling our trash into treasure.

While flipping channels the other day, I found a show on the National Geographic Channel (yes, they have a channel) featuring an “eco-capitalist” named Tom Szaky and his company TerraCycle.

The show features their journey to take trash and turn it into brand new items that can be purchased at major retailers like Target & The Home Depot.  Mr. Szaky explains more here:

I got a little hooked on the show’s marathon and I have to say after watching several episodes, I may not always agree with Mr. Szaky’s tactics with his employees but I admire his hardwork, determination and sheer passion for the movement of eco-capitalism and upcycling.

Here are a few TerraCycle products currently being offered at major retailers.  Some of them are less clever than others but I particularly like the ones below.  For more information about TerraCycle, check out their website: or watch their show, Garbage Moguls on the National Geographic Channel.

Live Creatively!

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Super September Sale is almost over!

Hurry to the Etsy Shop for the last week of the Super September Sale!

Yellow Cocktail Hat – Regularly $25.00 – NOW $20.00

Butterfly Mini Fascinator, Regularly $15.00 – NOW $12.00

Twisted Mini Fascinator, Regularly $15.00 – NOW $12.00

Yellow Flower Headband, Regularly $12.50 – NOW $10.00

Felt Flower Hairband, regularly $12.50 – NOW $10.00

Purple Feather Hairband, Regularly $12.50 – NOW $10.00

Houndstooth Pillbox Hat, Regularly $55.00 – NOW $44.00

Live Creatively!

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Project Monday: Finding Fall Inspiration

Its finally here… Fall!  I’m so excited for fall hats, scarves and warming up by a fire.  Today I’m on the search some fashion inspiration… here’s what I’m loving for Fall this year:

Juicy Couture Tweed Jacket, yes please.

Faux Fur & Denim for evenings out on the town

Big Floppy Felt Hats

Suede Platforms

Sequined Glamour for all those upcoming holiday parties!

Have a great week… Live Creatively!

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Weekend Craft Fix: Etsy Treasuries

So I have been lucky enough to be featured in a few treasuries on Etsy recently.  If you aren’t familiar, treasuries are member curated shopping galleries featuring the work of other Etsy designers.  Check out these beauties below… Click on the title to access the treasury & products on Etsy’s site!  Have a great weekend & as always, live creatively!

Fall Colors Awake My Creativity

“…She is afraid that I will see, a little witch that looks like me…”

Samhain Sweets

Four O’Clock

Bite Me Baby

Grey with Subtle Sunshine

Just Batty about Halloween…

To Capture

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Buy Me: Tom Banwell Masks

Tom Banwell & his wife Jill are artists who live in the rural foothills of the Sierra Nevada.  As an artist, he’s worked in many mediums and has a website,, dedicated to showcasing all of his work.  All of his pieces are interesting and unique, but it’s his Etsy shop of leatherwork that I am most obsessed with.  Specifically, his masks.   Take a look at these beauties and for more information about his process, check out his blog:

Live Creatively!

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Nashvegas Craft Fair

I just confirmed that Black Gardenia Design (and yours truly) will be exhibiting at the upcoming Nashvegas Craft Fair in East Nashville on October 2nd.  Come by, say hi, and check out all of the amazing stuff!  

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