Weekend Craft Fix: DIY Fabric Bolt Boards

April 30, 2010 at 8:00 am Leave a comment

Fabric consumes my sewing room.  Finding a good storage option where I can still actually see my fabric is key for me.

My Fabric Storage Before

Fabric Storage After (thats a selection I’m currently working with)

Last week while I was picking up some 50% off elastic from JoAnn’s I noticed that one of the employees was throwing away the empty bolt boards!!  I think I almost gave the woman a heart attack as I went running over yelling out, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

It turns out they throw out all the boards when the bolts run out… how crazy is that!  I proceeded to ask her if I could have them and now have worked a deal with them to stop by once a week and grab up all their empty boards.

Obviously, this isn’t an option for everyone.  So what else can you do other than just stack your fabric up on a shelf?  Make your own bolt boards!


Old Boxes/Foamcore Board

Yard stick

Box Knife

Mailing Labels




Take the box and measure out your board.  Standard board dimensions are: 7″wx23″L for 45″ wide fabric, and 7″wx30″L for 60″ wide fabric.  Mark your measurements on the box with a marker and then cut it out with the box knife (you can use scissors, buts a huge pain).

Wrap your fabric up on the board.

Take your mailing label and write your fabric infomration on the label (100% Cotton, 45″ Wide, yardage info, etc.)

Affix the label to the top of your board and voila your done!

Have a great weekend & Live Creatively!


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