I heart the earth… do you?

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Happy Earth Day!

As a way to celebrate the mother Earth,  I wanted to share 10 tips that anyone can do to live a greener, more earth happy life!  Also, check out this amazing documentary  called No Impact Man.  His experiment is quite extreme, but its unbelievely enlightening, really inspiring, and overall a fun watch!

10.  Use compact florescent light bulbs.  They produce 75% less heat and can last 10 times longer.

9. Use power strips to power your appliances… then unplug it.  Idle appliances use about 11% of your homes electricity.  In my home, we have a large plasma TV, a sound system, a DVD player, a cable box, and my laptop all plugged into 1 power strip. When the items aren’t in use, we unplug the power strip… it saves electricity and money!

8. Clean Green!  Everyone’s jumping on the green clean bandwagon right now, but know that not all of those name brand “green cleaners” are really all that green.  However, Dr. Bronner’s all-in-one Castile Soap is an amazing stuff.  Its made of all natural ingredients, and works not only to clean your body but also your home!  I’ll admit it- I’m kinda obsessed with the stuff.

7. Shop locally… here in Nashville we are lucky to have the Nashville Farmers Market.  I’ve made quite a few trips recently to add to my Spring garden and kitchen.  They have fruits, veggies, baked goods, even a butcher!  All of the products are produced and made by local farmers and sold at a very fair price!

6. Be Fashion Friendly!  Indie designers are on the rise, and they are using all kinds of earth friendly products to create gorgeous creations for every woman (and for every season).  Check out EcoFashionWorld.com for a whole site dedicated to eco-friendly fashion and of course, you can check out the shop for the latest in my upcycled creations!

Lara Miller Meadow Tank

Pivot Chicago Dress

5. Make your next computer a laptop.  Laptops use a lot less power and if you’re really smart, you’ll find one thats an energy star appliance… Hello new MacBook Pro!

4. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to buy a new eco-friendlier car.  However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be eco-friendly  about your driving choices.  Check out the Drive Smart Calculator to find out how you can make the best driving choices.

3.  Gather your fruits & veggies in re-usable bags & use re-usable grocery bags!  Grocery stores are carrying their re-usable totes to help cut down on the amount of paper and plastic bags consumers use to carry their groceries, but what about those clear plastic bags in in the produce dept.?  I’ve added a great solution to my Etsy shop… re-usable, breathable produce bags.  Their cute, functional and best of all, earth friendly!  Also, I will have a line of re-usable grocery bags coming soon.  I just have to finish sewing them! 🙂

2. Use a rain barrel & compost.  No its not hard and no its not gross.  Plus, its great for your garden!

1.  Be kind to your fellow man… a random act of kindness may mean very little to you, but can have the largest impact on those you help.  We are all human, and live and breathe on the same earth;  lets be kind to one another and to this lovely rock we live on.

source: vox.com

Live Creatively & Earth Friendly!


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