Weekend Craft Fix – Cupcake Needle Storage

April 16, 2010 at 2:33 pm Leave a comment

Not too long ago I didn’t have a sewing room. Luckily, after hours and hours of framing, drywalling, tape & mudding, & painting, I now have a mostly functional sewing room (it still needs a little work, and a lot more electrical outlets)!
Unfortunately, all that work did not include creating some much-needed storage solutions for all my stuff!
Keeping with my goal of living a more sustainable and eco-friendly life, I came up with a fun way to store all my machine & hand sewing needles.


Cupcake Pan

1 yd. Fabric


craft glue



needles to store

Part A- Sewing Machine Needles:
Step 1:
Grab an extra cupcake pan from the kitchen and give it a good scrubbin’.

Step 2:
Lay out your fabric and place the cupcake pan on top of it. Trace the circle of one of the molds onto your fabric and then cut the it out. Place the circle in the bottom of the mold to see how it fits. Adjust your circle size accordingly.

Step 3:
Using your cut-out as a template, cut enough circles for each mold in your pan.

Step 4:
Line the bottom of your molds with the craft glue. Place the fabric circles into the molds and press down to adhere.

Step 5:
Cut out small squares of hook & loop tape (about the length of the needle boxes). Glue one side of the hook & loop tape to the needle boxes and the other side to the bottom of your cupcake molds. Allow dry time!!  (Adding the hook & loop tape allows you to hang your cupcake pan)

Step 6:
Place your needles into the cupcake molds!

Part B: Hand Sewing Needles
Step 1:
Measure the diameter of the top of 1 of the cupcake molds

Step 2:
Take that measurement and multiply it by 3 and that is the diameter of the circles you will cut. Cut out as many circles as you need.

Step 3:
Baste stitch around the outside of the circle (the further out you are the better) and then gather the circle together about halfway

Step 4:
Fill the circle with as much Poly Fil as you can.

Step 5:
Pull the thread from your basting in the rest of the way (as much as you can) to close it and hold in the filling.

Step 6:
Take a hot glue gun and run a bead of glue just inside mold. Place your “cupcake top” into the mold and press down to get the two to adhere to one another.

Step 7:
Fluff your cupcake top and voila, your done!


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